VANS low - Bunny style

VANS low - Bunny style


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Please note that all shoes, designs and models on our site are eligible for change such as; shoe color, shoe model, placement of elements such as fabric or paint, color/tint of the paint or fabric and all that you could wish for. If any change is needed, please feel free to contact us through the form down below.

We use the European size model. Size 0-34 are kids sizes.

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We use original shoes for our customs, which means that no shoe is fake, worn, or sold by a (not reputable) third party. Every shoe is handmade with lots of love and care, but also the exact amount of precision and accuration. We insist that your order will remain neat for a long time. If your size is not among the options, it is not being produced by the brand of the shoe. The fabric of the brands we use is not real and we do not claim it to be.

All shoes that include fabric have a producing time of 5-15 working days.

All shoes that are painted or heat-installed have a producing time of 5-10 working days. 

Due to congestion delay may occur, so feel free to contact us if that is the case. Unfortunately we don't give updates about your order or tell you which steps we already have furfilled.

Because all orders are hand-made they are final when being placed. This means that we do not offer returns or refunds in any kind of way, so be assured of your size and design before placing an order. All the shoes have a 3 month free warranty and a 1 year carry-in warranty where we examine the shoes and make a decision about the settlement. All orders can be cancelled for free within 12 hours of placement by calling or e-mailing us at Please also state your order number otherwise your cancellation won’t be processed.

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